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∞ years old


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SandyTaboo's Interests

Music: male thot, nightcore, babymetal
Movies: starseeds
Television: catfish
Books: my twitter
Heroes: mom

SandyTaboo's Details

Status: married (to the money)
Orientation: faggot
Ethnicity vietnamese
Religions taboo-ist
Occupation trolling

SandyTaboo's Blurbs

About Me:

TABOO (established 2018) is a revolution, community, and brand aiding marginalized groups. TABOO confronts change and creates a new future. TABOO is for the black sheep of families.

My Top 9


Jeffrey Prada

Munachi Osegbu

Jheyda Mc Garrell

Aaron Philip


Nam Soo-Rim


Sis Hette


SandyTaboo's Posts

TABOO LINER in collaboration with Brian Beauty
Models pictured: Mac Do, Maxwell Vice, Kaitlynn Hong
Shot by Brian Vu
July 2019

Mirrored accesories collection drop with Michele Yue, @shopnonhuman
June 2019

Our True Prophet Taboo for Depop
June 2019

Sandy Taboo for back cover of King Kong Magazine Issue 7
Shot by Brian Vu
May 2019

10 WOC artists you should be familiar with. Listening to their music is scientifically proven to enlargen your brain by 33.3%
April 2019

Sandy Taboo Official Music Video (prod. Ginseng) Filmed by Mazzy Nguyen.
March 2019

Shot by Sandy Taboo. Modeled by Sisi, an LA based model and DJ.
January 2019

Shot by Yulissa Benitez. Modeled by Gabe, Avenue, and Pretty.
December 2018

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